Aligned Body Core™

The Aligned Body Core System is designed to help you counteract the effects of daily stress which can negatively impact metabolic processes, organ position, posture, and skeletal structure and lead to chronic physical pain and discomfort. Using this powerfully effective approach, you'll learn to apply deep relaxation to increase efficiency of metabolic processes, anatomically reposition your organs, and realign your posture and skeletal structure. The best part is it can be self-applied within 20 to 30 minutes and done anytime anywhere. 

Light Dynamics™

The purpose of light dynamics is to activate your body at the cellular level using low level laser and LED light. When used in combination with Aligned Body Core, the engine within every cell of the body works to reduce inflammation, and boost metabolic processes at an accelerated rate. Through our interactions, you'll learn to use these lasers in an unconventional way to re-establish alignment with your posture and skeletal structure so that you can handle daily stress without experiencing detrimental effects to your body.